New site – more to come.

Because the nuance of what we have been using for the last few years was finally starting to get in the way of clean navigation, we made the jump to something new.  This likely isn’t a permanent solution either, but for now it will get the job done.  Everything should seem pretty familiar to those of you who have visited before.  To those who haven’t – welcome!

The next two weeks will be full of site updates as we continue to add content – specifically in reference to events and we are, of course, going to launch that CFP shortly.  We’ll post updates here and on twitter – so keep checking back.

ShmooCon 2016

Yeah it’s happening. We’ve just got about two more weeks of busy family life before we hit the planning in earnest.

January 15-17, 2016

Washington Hilton

Start watching for updates to the website around the end of the month.  This includes the CFP and sponsorship information, so to all you writing in, it’s coming – promise!

Schedule Update

The Sunday morning 10am talk “The Mile High Club: Getting Root at 40,000 Feet” has been cancelled.  It is being replaced with:
Crypto Without Computers
Ben Agre
This is a study of the evolution of cryptography before computers, through what can be done today sans computer.  I will use this as a guiding principle through some of the earlier days of cryptography.  Beginning by looking at simpler attacks, moving on through the VIC cipher and the foundations of modern cryptography.
Secondly we will add and analyze twists to old classics making arguable to reason about the security of the modified constructions.
Finally we will take a moment and talk about what computers don’t do well, and propose some ideas on where you can play that computers can’t.
Ben Agre has dabbled in everything from VR, to OS development and a non trivial amount of crypto.  He tends to wander around and break things.