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Monthly Archives: November 2015

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Ticket Oddities

It’s certainly been a busy month and we promised you updates on what we’ve been up to in regards to the upcoming ticket sales tomorrow.  Well, Major Tom, take your protein pills and put your helmet on – commencing countdown. Concurrency (or lack…

Call For Papers Closes Today

Last day to get those submissions in folks – CFP closes at midnight EST.

Payment Issues with Firefox

and maybe IE as well. We’ve had a few reports of folks getting a “false” error when trying to complete their barcode purchase while using Firefox and IE. We’re looking into this, in the meantime the quick solution is to use a different…

First Round Stats and Info

600 tickets were released this round. All tickets were held in 1 minute 49 seconds. The waitlist filled 5 seconds after that. So in other words we sold out in 1 minute 54 seconds. First reservation was completed 5 seconds after registration officially…