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Speaker Notifications

All speaker notifications for ShmooCon 2018 have been sent.  Once we receive a few more confirmations, we’ll get those talks posted for you.  Thanks again to everyone who submitted!

Round Two Stats

650 tickets were released this round. All tickets were held in 3.26 seconds. The waitlist filled up .23 seconds after that. So, by our definition, we sold out in 3.49 seconds.  At this point all tickets are accounted for and we take down…

Round 2 is Sold Out

Stats to follow soon.

Ticket Sales Round #2 – 2018

Round 2 is under an hour away and will start at noon, eastern time.  As always, we urge that you read the information regarding our sales process  here and here,  especially if  you’ve never participated before.  We’ll post stats soon after sales are over.