We are now soliciting papers and presentations for ShmooCon Firetalks, to be held Friday evening, January 13, 2017.

Firetalks Schedule has been posted.  Thanks to all who submitted.


December  15 – Firetalks CFP opens
December 28 – Firetalks CFP closes
December 30 – Notifications sent


Starting in 2017, Firetalks is now an “official” ShmooCon event!  Official is in quotes, because nothing is really changing except that we finally made Grecs, the guy who’s been running Firetalks for the past few years, staff.

For the uninitiated, Firetalks is a series of talks that happens after the main ShmooCon program is finished.  Six speakers are given 15 minutes to dive right into the core of their content and present their ideas.  Topics for Firetalks are rather open ended.  It’s up to the submitter to convince us why their presentation is interesting.

Firetalks is a ShmooCon event and both submitters and attendees must already have a ShmooCon Barcode to participate.


Anyone who already has a ShmooCon Barcode and thinks they have something to say.


Firetalks will use a web based submission process.  Please go here and be prepared with the following information:

  • Contact Information:
    • Presenter’s Name(s)
    • Email
    • Country
    • Organization
  • Title of Presentation
  • Abstract (50 words)
  • 3 Keywords that characterize submission
  • A plain text fire that contains
    • Title and Presenter(s) Name(s)
    • Mobile Phone Number (In case we need to reach you the day of the event.)
    • Bio (25 words)
    • Detailed Outline/Description of Your Talk
    • Has this Talk (or a version of this talk) Been Presented at Any Other Venues?  If yes, which ones?
    • Why Do you Want to Present at ShmooCon Firetalks?
Submissions will be reviewed by a small committee of ShmooCon Staff. Questions can be sent to firetalks@shmoocon.org.