What’s a hacker conference without a CTF?  The Kaizen team has been participating in and developing CTFs for the past several years, and this year we’re bringing our Jeopardy-style CTF to ShmooCon!  You can expect to see challenges involving cryptography, coding, forensics, web, binary reversing and exploitation.  The target difficulty is for CTF veterans and mid-level professionals, but there will be challenges for beginners as well as experts.

The CTF is open to everyone, including non-conference attendees, but some challenges will only be available to those physically at the conference in the CTF room.  The competition will run from 2pm on Friday when the conference officially opens until noon on Sunday.  You can play as an individual or as a team.

Kaizen is sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton. Check your Shmoocon program or visit https://shmoocon.kaizen-ctf.com for more details.