Our Sponsors
ShmooCon sponsors bring their own element of fun to the con. Check out who is coming this year.
Call for Papers
ShmooCon and The Shmoo Group are soliciting papers and presentations for the fourteenth ShmooCon.
T-shirt Charities
This year we are supporting 3 great groups through our T-Shirt Charities: The EFF, HFC, and one more TBD.
Barcode Shmarcode
Got a barcode? Now is your chance to get creative and win yourself a ticket to ShmooCon 2019.

ShmooCon Events

We’re just under two weeks out and we want to make sure to draw attention to some of the other events that will be taking place during the con, like Lockpick Village, Hack Fortress, Wireless CTF and Shmooganography. And of course you can win…

2016 CFP Stats

WHO SUBMITTED? Total of 222 Submissions.  40 more than last year. 35 Accepted for normal speaking slots.  2 Alternates. Acceptance Rate = 15.77%, with alternates = 16.67% 302 unique names on submissions (some submissions had more than one author, some authors made more…

ShmooCon Schedule

The schedule has been updated to include talks – definitely go take a look. We have one change to the One Track Mind track: When Onions Make You Cry – or – Why We Treat Tor Users Differently will no longer be presented.…

End of Year Ticket Stats

A short post with some end of the year stats related to ticket sales. There were 1500 tickets released in two sales rounds. Across both rounds: All tickets were held in 1 minute and 56.58 seconds The wait list filled up 6 seconds…

Ticket Sales Stats – final round

900 tickets were released this round. All tickets were held in 7.58 seconds.  Yes we verified this. The waitlist filled up one second after that. So, by our definition, we sold out in 8.58 seconds.  At this point all tickets are accounted for and…

Where You Need to be Tomorrow at Noon EST

Ok folks the all important link you’ll need tomorrow is: http://landing.shmoocon.org Go ahead and click on it – it’s super fancy and waiting for you.  This is where the link to ticket sales will appear, so remember to be there and not here.…