Our Sponsors
ShmooCon sponsors bring their own element of fun to the con. Check out who is coming this year.
Call for Papers
ShmooCon and The Shmoo Group are soliciting papers and presentations for the fourteenth ShmooCon.
T-shirt Charities
This year we are supporting 3 great groups through our T-Shirt Charities: The EFF, HFC, and one more TBD.
Barcode Shmarcode
Got a barcode? Now is your chance to get creative and win yourself a ticket to ShmooCon 2019.

Ticket Sales this Saturday

After much discussion, planning, configuring, and testing, we think we’re ready to go live again with ticket sales. We’re going to combine round 2 and 3 in to one final round set to go live at noon EST Saturday December 12th. Things are…

The Rest of the Line Up

Confirmation has been received from all speakers!  We’re excited to add the following talks to our line up: Build It Hacking The Wireless World – Software Defined Radio Exploits – Balint Seeber OSX Vulnerability Research and Why We Wrote Our Own Debugger –…

ShmooCon Speakers 2016

ShmooCon and The Shmoo Group are pleased to announce the speakers for ShmooCon 2016.  We’re still waiting on confirmation from just a few folks, but here’s the bulk of the line up. We’ll have an update for you on ticket sales soon too.…

ShmooCon and Philosophy

When ShmooCon ticket sales go well, we’ll get a few comments on scarcity of tickets or maybe some statements of disbelief about the time it took, but it’s all quite minimal. When ticket sales don’t go well, the volume of the comments goes…

Thanks yet again for your help

Thanks for the help testing the website tonight. The stats have proven to be very useful. We’re still working with our hosting company to dig through the data and see where we stand. After we finish our analysis, we’ll post results and info…

Under Pressure

We’d like to run one last test. The hosting provider is on board to monitor performance, and we’re standing by to analyze the data. At 8pm EST 12/2, we’d like as many people as possible to hit human-registration and we’ll see what happens.…