The information below is for ShmooCon 2016 – updates for 2017 coming soon.

Shmooganography is back for another iteration of hiding messages at the con, sponsored this year by Praxis Engineering. For the n00bies, Shmooganography is an implementation of steganography, which is the art of hiding messages “in plain sight,” such as using invisible ink that’s revealed under a blacklight or embedding an image within an image.

This year, you will follow Link in his footsteps to prevent Ganon and his Army from collecting all five pieces of the Triforce of Shmoo hidden by Princess Zelda around the con. Solve all five stages to assemble the Triforce of Shmoo, restoring peace once again. Remember, the secret codes and clues are ! Don’t worry if you get stumped: clues will be released throughout the weekend. Someone will take home the trophy (and money) and it could be you! Also, the first team to solve and report each stage will win a small prize!

Check your program and for more details when you arrive at Shmoocon!