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ShmooCon Firetalks
Got a ticket and something to say? Consider submitting to ShmooCon Firetalks - 15 minute presos in a fun setting.
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Got a barcode? Now is your chance to get creative and win yourself a ticket to ShmooCon 2020.
Ticket Sales
Ticket sales are just around the corner. Here is everything you need to know about ShmooCon Ticket sales.

Round Two Stats

No blank pages this time! 650 tickets were released this round. All tickets were held in 7.32 seconds. The waitlist filled up 1.69 seconds after that. So, by our definition, we sold out in 9.01 seconds.  At this point all tickets are accounted…

Shmooze-A-Student 2019

Today we notified all Shmoozer and Student applicants to Shmooze-A-Student.  We accepted 36 Shmoozers and 82 Students (similar to last year’s numbers).  This is the first year we’ve turned away complete and eligible student applications due to sheer numbers.  We’re sad we had to…

ShmooCon 2019 – Round One Ticket Sales Stats

First Things First – What was the Blank Page and Why Did I Get One: As we briefly explained in an earlier tweet: For those that got a blank page, our apologies. Looks like when we ran out of tickets we ran out…

Ticket Sales – First Round

Are today at Noon, Eastern.  Again if you haven’t already, please read the information found here and here.  

Upcoming Ticket Sales

Ok folks – Round one of sales is only 3 days away.  If you haven’t already, please read through the following information so you are familiar with our reservation and sales process. General Information  Human Registration In addition, Shmooze-A-Student information has been posted.…

ShmooCon Sponsorship

Sponsorship information for ShmooCon 2019 has now been posted.