ShmooCon sponsorship is a great way to showcase your business. We challenge you to bring something different to the con.
Call For Papers
ShmooCon and The Shmoo Group are soliciting papers and presentations for ShmooCon XVI.
ShmooCon is held at the Washington Hilton in Washington, D.C. Find out where to stay and how to get here.
Ticket Sales
Everything you need to know about ShmooCon Ticket sales. If this is your first time, you definitely want to read this.

Round One 2020 – Ticket Sales Stats

Some of you saw a 404: A quick note about our bot catching mechanisms. We’re constantly updating our process to try to catch as much automated reservations as possible while also taking into account user feedback and trying to streamline the experience. This round…

CFP Submissions – Hints and Tips

Last week we posted some quick tips on twitter to guide you as you write your CFP submission. Posting them here as well: CFP Submission Tip #1 – Follow CFP instructions and submission format. Give us what we ask for, in the order…

Round One of Tix Sales is Friday

That’s right…Round One is just a few days away. If you’re not familiar with our sales process, we suggest you take a few moments and get yourself in the know. Start here with general information and follow that up with the specifics on…

ShmooCon Events Updated

Just a quick post to let folks know that many of the ShmooCon Events pages have now been updated. This includes things like ShmooCon Labs, Hack Fortress, and others. Go check ’em out!

Winter is Coming…or is it?

ShmooCon 2020 is just around the corner and has us wondering if our favorite furry mammal will see his shadow on the last day of the con. Only time will tell. We’ve updated the site (which should be working correctly now – sorry…

New site – new problems

But we’re working on it and should have it fixed shortly. 🙂

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