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Ticket Sales Tomorrow

The first round of sales is tomorrow.  Queue the angst and anticipation, at least on our part. Things to know: The link to registration will appear on landing.shmoocon.org.  Go take a peek now if you must, but there isn’t anything exciting there yet. It…

Early Accepts

We’re pleased to announce the first three talks of ShmooCon 2017. WaveConverter – An Open Source Software Tool for RF Reverse Engineering – Paul Clark Exploring The Infrared World – Dominic Spill, Michael Ossmann Plug-in Electric Vehicle Fingerprinting: Authentication for Plug-in Electric Vehicles – Rebekah Houser…

Statement on Speaker Selection

Recently tweets were made by some members of this year’s program committee regarding submissions and reasons why talks may or may not be accepted.  The tweets do not reflect the standards to which ShmooCon holds itself. We value and respect the work done…

ShmooCon Email

The ShmooCon (and shmoo) email server started to go into drive failure late Friday.  As luck would have it we had recently purchased new hardware to replace this server when time allowed.  This must have hurt our dear mail server’s feelings as it…