This year’s challenge is a climbing expedition to Mount Hackmore at ShmooCon. This will be the 15th annual climb and each year is different.  Through the cliffs and between the glaciers amongst a sea of hackers, you must forge a path to the Barcode Shmarcode basecamp with your valid ShmooCon Barcode. Your entry must be scannable by our scanner, the Motorola DS4208.  This climb is nothing like your average foothillesque cell phone apps.

In order to get that coveted view [from  the stage during closing ceremonies with your  ShmooCon 2020 ticket], your submission must incorporate this year’s theme, exhibit originality, and include a valid ShmooCon QR Code.

Entries will be judged based on:

  • Best use of theme: Mountain Climbing
  • Originality
  • Best use of Materials

When submitting your entries, we ask that you provide a short bio, what your inspiration for your entry was, and contact information.

@ForgottenSec and @datapacke7 are looking forward to each person’s climb.

The climbers journal can be found here (