Welcome to year X … (who knows, we stopped counting long ago) of Hack Fortress at ShmooCon.

For those that don’t know, Hack Fortress is a team competition that pits teams of 10 (4 Hackers + 6 TF2 players) against each other in a single elimination tournament to determine who will win the right to leave with the golden wrench. Each team’s goal is simple: score more points than your competitors. How you do that is where the challenge comes in. The TF2 players will be frantically trying to kill, capture and win rounds against the opposing TF2 players. At the same time, the hackers will be attempting to solve a variety of complex and generally entertaining hacking challenges. As tasks are completed, credits in our ‘hackconomy’ are gained. These can be used to purchase effects to help your team or hinder your opponents in both hacking and TF2.

The tournament will start at 10:00 am on Saturday. If you win all of your matches, you’ll play a max of 3 rounds (with a 45 minute finale).

Need a team? Need some additional info? No problem, drop by our sub reddit at /r/HackFortress/, ping us on twitter @tf2shmoo (or sign up on-site in the Hack Fortress room).

During non competition times, we are open for folks to free play TF2, so stop by and check it out!