Hacker Game Shows! 
Powered by @lintile & Team #DFIU
9-11pm Friday in One Track Mind

From the producers of Hacker Jeopardy, it’s your chance to be a contestant on a real, live, hacker game show at Shmoo!  We will be giving away spectacular prizes– including tickets for next year!

Hour 1 will be the premiere of ShmooFAQ, a hacker quiz audience participation game show! There will be questions from a wide range of difficulty levels and topics, and everyone in the audience can win awesome prizes, even tickets!

Hour 2 will be the Shmoo debut of Hack Your Luck, a hilariously cringeworthy fair-use parody of the 80s game show, Press Your Luck. Big points, no whammies! Hopefully, we’ve updated all the log4J in the game board’s random number generator by then! If you’re in the lead at the end of the game, you’ll win the prize!

Follow @lintile and #ShmooDFIU for updates on signups and details!

Games, Gamez, and More
Ambiance provided by @zfasel
8-12pm Friday in the Columbia Ball Room (one floor up)

For once, we’ll be using the terrace level for more than evacuating due to a fire alarm during the Saturday night party. Head up one level to the Columbia Ballroom where we’ll have a huge chill-out space to enjoy a Saturday night with friends. 

We will be providing board games, video games, and music all in a relaxed environment with lots of places to sit. The untz-untz tunes of years’ past will be replaced with music better suited to playing games and talking with other conference-goers with ShmooCon party host @zfasel will be at the helm setting the tone for the evening.