Shmooganography is back for our 15th year of hiding messages at the Con, sponsored again by Praxis Engineering.

For the posers, Shmooganography is a contest built upon five stages of clever steganography: the art of hiding messages “in plain sight,” such as using invisible ink revealed under a blacklight or embedding an image within an image.

Your mission: use your steg skills to help Bruce Potter… err, Wayne… as he fights Gotham’s… err, Washington’s… villians through each stage of this year’s challenge! Remember, the secret codewords and clues are <stego word=”hidden”/>! Don’t worry if your Batmobile gets lost: Alfred will be releasing clues throughout the weekend. The winning team will take $500 cash back to their Bat Cave, and the first team to solve and report each stage will win a No Starch Press gift certificate!

Get your team established, outfit your utility belt, and point your HUD to for further instruction.