Friday, January 15, 2016
Time One Track Mind
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Opening Remarks, Rumblings, Ruminations, and Rants

Breaking Bulbs Briskly by Bogus Broadcasts

Joseph Hall and Ben Ramsey

Crypto and Quantum and Post Quantum

Jean-Philippe Aumasson

#thingswikfound #omarax: What is it, and why you may care?

Jaime Filson

Static Malware and SMTP Mail Analysis using General Purpose Graphical Processing Units (GPGPU)

Rick Wesson

Where Do the Phishers Live? Collecting Phishers’ Geographic Locations from Automated Honeypots

Robbie Gallagher

Hiding from the Investigator: Understanding OS X and iOS Code Signing to Hide Data

Joshua Pitts


Neil Gershenfeld

2000 Fire Talks

Saturday, January 16, 2016
Time Build It! Belay It! Bring it On!
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LostPass: Pixel-perfect LastPass Phishing

Sean Cassidy

Users Are People Too: How to Make Your Tools Not Suck for Humans

Gillian Andrews and Sara Sinclair Brody

Exploiting Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities on the FreeRTOS Operating System

Joel Sandin

Hacking The Wireless World — Software Defined Radio Exploits

Balint Seeber

Software Security by the Numbers

Chris Eng

Online, No One Knows You’re Dead

Andrew Kalat

(P|G)Ohst Exploitation

Carl Vincent

Using the Algebraic Eraser to Secure Low-Power and Passive IoT Devices

Derek Atkins

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet: New Paradigms for Policy, Regulation, and Community Engagement

Greg Conti (moderator), Mara Tam, Vincenzo Iozzo, Jeff Moss, and Randy Wheeler

1300 Break
The Road to SYSTEM: Recycling Old Vulnerabilities for Unpatched Privilege Escalation and A New Network Attack

Stephen Breen

Speak Security and Enter: Better Ways to Communicate with Non-Technical Users

Jessy Irwin

Political Pwnage: The Hacker’s Guide to Cybersecurity Policy

Nick Leiserson and Jen Ellis

0wn the Con

The Shmoo Group

AVLeak: Turning Antivirus Emulators Inside Out

Alex Bulazel

LTE Security and Protocol Exploits

Roger Piqueras Jover

OSX Vulnerability Research and Why We Wrote Our Own Debugger

Tyler Bohan and Brandon Edwards

No Easy Breach: Challenges and Lessons Learned from an Epic Investigation

Matt Dunwoody and Nick Carr

This Message Will Self-Destruct in 10 Seconds: Avoiding Bilateral Enucleation


Penetration Testing Custom TLS Stacks

Alex Moneger

Attack on Titans: A Survey of New Attacks Against Big Data and Machine Learning

Andrew Ruef and Rock Stevens

Ask the EFF

Kurt Opsahl, Andrew Crocker, Bill Buddington, and Eva Galperin

2100 Saturday Night Party

Sunday, January 17, 2016
Time Build It! Belay It! Bring it On!
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Compressed Context Based Analytic Results for Use in Computer Vision System for Network Defense

Rob Weiss and John Eberhardt

Containing an Attack with Linux Containers and AppArmor/SELinux

Jay Beale

Making Milware: An Interdisciplinary Tryst

Trey Herr and Eric Armbrust

Be Free, Little GuardBunny!

Kristin Paget

My Hash is My Passport: Understanding Web and Mobile Authentication

David Schuetz

Resistance is Futile: SDN Assimilating Our Networks

Sarah Rees and Jonathan Medina

Reverse-Engineering Wireless SCADA Systems

Karl Koscher

Building an Encyclopedia of Malware Configs (to punch miscreants)

Jon Bambenek

Gatekeeper Exposed

Patrick Wardle

Closing Plenary: Information Security Programs in Academia

Matt Blaze (moderator), Greg Conti, Rick Forno, and Jeff Foster


Closing Remarks